Santino Randazzo

Santino Randazzo

T: 289-337-1079

Born in the heart of Ancaster and raised on the streets of Hamilton, Santino is the newest member of the team. Working in kitchens most of his life, Santino is no stranger to a fast-paced environment with the flames on high. Hard work and determination are his sole practice in any intensive situation.

With a background in Marketing and Advertising, and customer service, Santino has a great grasp and understanding of his client’s needs and ambitions and is relentless in surpassing their expectations. Real Estate has always been an interest, but watching his cousin, Matthew, get a sense of satisfaction and fulfilment from his career has fueled Santino’s drive to turn that interest into a career of his own. Joining the Simek, Randazzo, Ferro team seemed like a no brainer. After watching the SRF team expand and flourish, Santino knew the SRF team was the perfect spot to help grow into his own. 

What really drives Santino’s passion is the importance of making a house feel like home. His sense of fulfilment comes from helping people achieve their dreams. “I’m excited to start helping people achieve their dreams by finding the perfect place to call home”