Nathan Ferro

Nathan Ferro

T: 289-337-1079

Born and raised in Ancaster, Ontario. Nathan Ferro has always been successful at making an impact in the lives of the people around him with his positive attitude, generous spirit and dedication. His experience in the real estate market started in 2012. After graduating from the University of McMaster in Economics, he decided to take his knowledge and place it in a market that is known to make a difference.

His career in the real estate market began with helping his friends and family not only see what was possible, but to also achieve what is possible. Nathan works very closely with his clients to create lifelong investment strategies when buying or selling their properties. Customer service is what he lives by, and his determination to help his clients achieve their dreams is his endless pursuit of happiness.

With his continued support throughout the community and his efforts to help back his community, Nathan Ferro continues to challenge this market that is constantly changing everyday. His ability to adapt only gives him the strength to bring his clients new opportunities. He wouldn’t be where he is today, without them.