Open Houses Back in Action

Life is starting to slowly get back to normal again as we recently entered Phase 3 of the Ontario reopening plan. Summer is in full swing, vaccines are becoming more easily accessible and open houses are (finally!) allowed again. The Ontario government has suspended open houses for more than a year due to COVID-19 concerns and we are thrilled to be able to host them again!

Open houses are back

Our team expects open houses to gain traction more and more as the weeks progress after the initial Phase 3 reopening week. Buyers are ready to view homes in-person as opposed to virtually. Physically being in the space provides buyers a sense of what the home is really like rather than relying solely on videos or pictures. As a seller, hosting an open house will work to your advantage as it increases your homes exposure. It provides convenience to buyers, giving them a greater opportunity to view your home. 

Masks and sanitizer at every open house

Now, you may not be comfortable having large amounts of people walking through your home during these unprecedented times. Rest assured that we are keeping your house as clean and as safe as possible. Our team ensures no one walks through your door without a mask on, everyone must sanitize upon arrival, social distancing is enforced and we keep a record of a contact tracing sheet that every person must fill out upon arrival.

By working strategically with our team to schedule and organize a successful open house, you may just get a jump start on that sale. We hope you are just as excited as we are that everything is opening back up again and that open houses are back in action!

-Nathan Ferro