Market Shift

2021 is off to a crazy start with record high prices and statistically low inventory. In the last few weeks we have started to see a shift in increasing inventory and less competition. By no means is it a Buyers market but the way you price a property and the strategy for holding offers is now of the utmost importance.  The properties that are priced higher and holding offers are not getting the same traction and are not selling above the asking prices as they were 4-6 weeks ago. We have found that in order to get top dollar the pricing must be inline with the similar comparables and list to sale price ratio. 

The other thing we have found is that in multiple offer situations we are seeing the top “few offers” are for the most part considerably higher than the rest. 

What we have done as the market shifts is come up with property specific listing strategies to ensure a smooth, easy sale with top sold price. 

Call us for today to hear about the property specific strategies we are implementing.

Written by Robert Simek