Market is slowly shifting..

As we enter April we’re noticing a shift in the Real Estate market so if you’re a buyer I think you will be happy.

Over the past few weeks you’re starting to see properties hold offers and either not receive any offers OR receive only a few. You will then notice that property has a price change to a much higher amount. This is due to high expectations by sellers due to the insanity that we have experienced. Our insane Seller’s market has shifted to a more normal Seller’s market. 

If you’re a listing agent you would have noticed a lot less showings on your listings from just a month ago and a lot less offers. As a buyer be careful during this shift and make sure you have a professional realtor that can guide you in the proper direction and educate you on the changing market. 

If you’re a seller… hold or not to hold, that is the question……I personally think listing at market value and not holding offers is the proper strategy right now. Showings are down, offers are down and more bully offers are being accepted which tells us Seller’s are getting nervous with less action and think taking the bully is their best option. Work with a professional listing agent that can guide you in the right direction and help you sell your home for maxima dollars. You don’t want to get caught up in pricing low, getting nothing now having buyers agents asking why didn’t it sell at that lower price but now you want this higher price. Price it properly and the real buyers will come. 

-Nathan Ferro