Buying and Selling in a Shifting Market

Recently we have had many clients and friends ask if now is still a good time to buy or sell, while in a shifting market. There is no easy answer. We have been guiding each of our clients to make these decisions based on their individual situations. Whether it’s a “good or bad time” is subjective and unlike the market in early 2022 we can now view properties in person again and in a lot of cases you won’t be in competition with multiple offers. On the other side, if you are selling, your property may not garner the same level of activity that it may have in the early months of the year. This is why we partner with each of our clients and put together custom selling/buying strategies and plans to ensure our clients are never put in an uncomfortable position where they are forced to buy or sell just because they have to.

In this shifting market, it is important to partner with a professional that is going to guide you based on your situation. It is imperative that if you are selling you have a plan to sell with realistic pricing expectations based on the market today. You need to be comfortable and well informed so you can make the next move with ease. If you are a first time buyer, this could be a great time to get into the market. The downward shift in pricing paralleled with the increased interest rates equal an opportunity and window that we may see for the next 6-12 months before it trends back upward.

Please feel free to contact our team today with all real estate questions and we can put a plan of action together to get you moving forward. 

-Robert Simek