10 Tips to Get Your Home Ready for the Spring

As we head into the month of March, I know a lot of us are starting to get excited for the spring and summer months ahead. We all know longer days and better weather are coming. However, it’s important that we also think about the health and maintenance of our homes and keeping them in tip-top shape for the warmer months to come .

Here are some things you should consider doing around your homes within the next month:

1) Replace air filters around the home
2) Ensure all air vents are cleaned and uncluttered
3) Get a hygrometer and monitor your home humidity levels
4) Ensure your A/C unit is maintained and ready for the season
5) Consider upgrading to a programmable thermostat to save on energy bills
6) Check exterior vents, window wells and caulking for any blockages or cracks
7) Reseal your driveway (if needed)
8) Inspect your deck and porches for any damage
9) Have your pool inspected for any leaks/damage (if needed)
10) Clean your windows (from the inside AND outside!!!)

Pro Tip – Check in with your parents and help them around their homes with these simple tasks. It will be much appreciated and earn you some brownie points.

-Chantel Silveira